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About Sustainable Destinations Top 100

The Sustainable Top 100 competition is organised by 12 organisations with the general aim to showcase success stories and good practices of both emerging and established destinations, and to exchange good practices to make all destinations more sustainable, and better for local communities and travellers.

Nominations can be submitted by any person, organisation or company on behalf of the destination.

Sustainable Destinations Top 100 Awards

Destinations selected to the 2020 or 2021 pre-selection Sustainable Top 100 Destinations competition are eligible for the Sustainable Destinations Top 100 Awards in one of the following categories:

    • Culture & Communities
    • Environment & Climate
    • Nature & Ecotourism
    • Islands & Seaside
    • Or any of the 17 SDGs
    • Immediate responses in dealing with the COVID-19 crisis
    • Preparing for a smart and sustainable post – COVID-19 recovery

For more information about the 2020 edition see the Call for Nomination.

Partner organisations

The Top 100 competition is supported by a partnership of organisations dedicated to sustainable tourism, led by Green Destinations. Partners have a seat in the Sustainable Destinations Top 100 Jury, which reviews nominations based on quality and comprehensibility of the provided information.



For more detailed methodology of the 2020 edition see the Call for Nominations.

Any Questions?

For questions about the Sustainable Top 100 competition or the Sustainable Destinations Top 100 Awards, please see our FAQ section or contact us at
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