For the 6th time, the Sustainable Top 100 Destinations competition is organised to showcase sustainable tourism stories and good practices of local and regional destinations, as inspiring examples to others, to tour operators and to travelers.

Destinations benefit from participation by using the online platform of the GSTC-Recognised Green Destinations Standard, which enables for GSTC-Accredited certification. Using the Green Destinations criteria and the online platform helps in enhancing tourism sustainability, in avoiding overtourism and in building local community support. It also helps making tourism more profitable, by alerting destinations on hidden costs connected to tourism development.
By publishing an annual list and by sharing destination management good practices and success stories, the initiators wish to acknowledge initiatives making tourism destinations more sustainable, responsible and more attractive from a visitor experience point of view.
2020 Top 100 destinations qualify for the Sustainable Top 100 Destinations Awards to be presented at Global Green Destinations Days in Spring 2021 in Bodrum, Turkey.
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Call for Nominations 2020 Top100 and Awards ITB v.1 (2)

Key Dates 2020-2021

1 July 2020 Final day to submit the 2020 Top 100 nominations
1 September 2020 Feedback on selection results
6-8 October 2020 2020 Top 100 list presented during the Online Global Green Destinations Day
4 January 2021 Deadline for Good Practice Story improvements for the Sustainable Destination Awards
Spring 2021 Sustainable Destination Awards ceremony at Global Green Destinations Day in Bodrum, Turkey

Join the Awards & Certification Program

Are you a third year applicant in the Top100 Competition?
Are you ready to take your sustainability level to the next step by joining one of our Award and Certification Programme?
Gold, Platinum and Certified Destinations are automatically included in the 2020 Top 100 (submitting a Good practice story by 1 June  is strongly suggested for its publicity opportunities).

Curious about previous editions?

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Any questions?

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