The City of Malmö is a melting pot of nationalities, ideas, innovation, and creativity. It’s a vibrant city buzzing with activity and it has more restaurants per capita than anywhere else in Sweden. It’s an iconic place with a focus on culture, cuisine, architecture and pioneering sustainable living concepts.

Malmö has set itself responsible but ambitious sustainability goals for the city’s social, economic and ecological development, which are being continuously developed and linked to Malmö’s commitment to and work on Agenda 2030. Malmö illustrates its sustainable opportunities and its ISO work in various contexts. For example, sustainability features in its innovations and presentations, in its descriptions of Malmö and in its meetings and discussions with partners, citizens and external contacts.

The City has been granted several awards and in 2016 it received the Swedish Equality price, EU award Malmö Sustainability Urban Mobility Planning Award and it came in 7th place in the EU when looking at quality of life. It is ISO 20121 certified since January 2017 and it is ranked number 9 on the GDS index 2017.

Malmö is also ranked as the 6th most bike friendly city in the world. It has 500 km of bike paths and today the 22% of all of the trips in Malmö are by bike. The goal is to increase this to 30% in 2030. The city centre is being built to enable pedestrians, cyclists and public transport to take priority over cars.

Finally, Malmö is a top destination for the reduction of fossil fuel dependency and the energy consumption.