Menorca was declared Biospehere Reserve 25 years ago because is an island of notable contrasts and a unique personality with an exceptional nature. Located in the middle of the western Mediterranean Sea and sculpted by the wind and the sea, it is home to a rich natural heritage and an extraordinary legacy inherited from the many cultures that have inhabited the island over many centuries, with a history that dates back to as much as four thousand years ago.

Despite being a holiday destination since the sixties, Menorca has kept other economic sectors such as its famous dairy industry, handmade shoe and tourism sector, all with a remarkable importance in the island economy.

When Tourism arrived to the island, Menorca society had already a social and natural awareness to conserve this beautiful place as a paradise. They planted the sustainability seed that next generations will follow to find a balance between developing a quality tourism and protect our environment.

Menorca offers to locals and all visitors a wide range of opportunities to enjoy the island in a sustainable way. Hiking its XIVth century track following the coast; discovering our worldwide unique ancestral constructions (Taules) that will make this place a new World heritage site by UNESCO in a short future; finding out an island committed with green energy working to abandon all fossil fuels before 2030; swimming in its sea that will become the biggest protected marine area in all Europe or stargazing its clean sky certified as a Starlight reserve. Definitely Menorca is the sustainable paradise of the Med Sea.

This destination participated in the 2019 Sustainable Top 100 Destination Awards at ITB Berlin by submitting a sustainable tourism story. Keywords: biosphere reserve, nature conservation, tourism

2019 Sustainable Tourism Story