Peaceful Karst connects two completely diverse landscapes, the fertile Vipava Valley with the Vipava River, which feeds fertile green fields and large rocky karst areas, hiding the beautiful world of caves and groundwater below the surface. The Gorizia Garden is filling tables with goodies all year long, in May with medicinal asparagus, which also have their feast. Ham and Teran wine thrive particularly well on the Mediterranean bora under the mild Mediterranean climate.

Landscapes inspiring peace and tranquility, rich cultural and historical heritage with an emphasis on traditional crafts, shoemaking, stonemasonry and exceptional biodiversity (90% of the territory is under Natura 2000) are a true natural amphitheater for year-round active holidays. Among the most popular sports are hiking, biking, horseback riding, and water activities, snowboarding, kayaking and fishing. We love to be visited by cavemen and hunters.

The biggest attraction of the destination, the Monument of Peace, is at the same time an entry point into a journey of unforgettable experiences, with colors and flavors added to traditional culinary specialties: wild asparagus and home-made asparagus dishes, jota (bean and sauerkraut hotpot), frtalja, prosciutto, Teran and sweet dumplings (štruklji).

Miren Kras presented two Good Practice stories at the Global Green Destination Days 2019, dealing namely with the reduction of the use of plastic at events and e-mobility.

2019 Good Practice Story 1
2019 Good Practice Story 2