Berguedà County is located in the north of the province of Barcelona, in the pre-Pyrenees. The destination worked together with local companies to implement good environmental practices focused on waste management, energy and water saving, and preservation of the landscape. In addition, for two years now, it have been implementing the Biosphere Sustainability Commitment with 20 distinguished companies and another 20 in the process of distinguishing themselves during 2018.

Because of the location of the region and the proximity to the two natural parks Cadí Moixero and Alto Pirineo, one of the main products and tourist attractions is hiking and greenways. Visitors can enjoy multiple panoramic hiking routes, cycling trails and MTB routes in the surroundings of Bergueda County. Moreover, a network of roads was designed in 2005 to be traveled in a non-motorized way. This network was presented in each municipality to validate the roads, georeferenced them, signaled and improved the layout to be comfortably traveled. The network consists of 2000 km of public roads that allow walking between all the municipalities of the County.

Berguedà is a top destination for its commitment in encouraging local businesses to reduce solid waste production. It works together with touristic, production and commercial companies so that, thanks to sustainability certificates, greater energy savings, smaller carbon footprints, and a lower presence of waste can be achieved.

This destination participated in the 2019 Sustainable Top 100 Destination Awards at ITB Berlin by submitting a sustainable tourism story. Keywords: heritage preservation.

It also participated in the 2019 Global Green Destinations Days by submitting a Good Practice Story.