Åsnen is a nature destination that has a distinctive and atmospheric inland lake archipelago with more than 1000 islands, and a mosaic of different natural habitats – some of which have not had any human impact for a very long time. Rare and sensitive birds, as well as rare species of plants, mosses and lichen, thrive in the destination.

The main goal for Destination Åsnen is to preserve the remarkable qualities of the landscape whilst supporting the local economy. Visitors (and locals) are actively encouraged in different ways to make an active contribution to the preservation of the exceptional diversity of this environment by acting with care, caution and respect towards the fauna and environment, and also through supporting the local economy. Small scale local enterprise makes it possible for people to remain in the area, caring for and supporting its continued, sustainable development; economic, social and environmental. The destination wants to be able to keep up with its promise: “Nature for real”!

This destination participated in the 2019 Global Green Destinations Days by submitting two Good Practice Stories.