Agueda is a territory of multiple natural and cultural landscapes that values its people, culture and traditions. Every year it renews itself, it grows in talent and creativity, it attracts innovation and new investments, is grows smart, green and sustainable.

To improve sustainable tourism it has promoted the requalification and valorization of natural spaces and values, valuing them with historical notes and the culture of its people. At the same time, as a smart city, it combines technology and innovation with the offer of the destination, making for example new APPs to help visitors improve their experiences in Águeda leading them to discover the territory. For example, WalKinÁgueda allows hikers to enjoy a different tour on the walking trails of the municipality, by discovering various points of interest and landscapes.

Agueda is a top destination for air quality improvement measures and the contrast to air pollution, among which actions in the field of sustainable mobility. In this regards, the development of the sustainable mobility strategy was promoted in 2013, which follows the municipal and European concerns for the promotion of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. It aimed at the optimization of the transport system and the efficiency in the use of resource.

Some of Águedas’ projects are the implementation of the network of urban cycle lanes; the creation of a network of pedestrian trails and new car free areas; the beÁgueda project which has the aim to encourage citizens to use public e-bikes in their daily commuting. Up until now, e-bike users have already driven more than 40.000 km.

This destination participated in the 2019 Sustainable Top 100 Destination Awards at ITB Berlin by submitting a sustainable tourism story. Keywords: art, innovation